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V-Sales conversion van repair parts

Body Shop Owners: 

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V-Sales Company, 
The Van Conversion Repair Parts Specialists

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Van Interior Parts

Air Conditioning Parts & A/C Vents

Ash trays

Battery Guard

Carpet Mats

Coolers, Drop-In

Cup Holders

Door Pulls

Door Pull Repair Kit

Electronics - TVs and VCPs; Game parts, headphones, and more

Fuse Panels

Hangers, fold-away

Lights for Interior

Pleated Shades

Power Parts, centers, receptacles.

Roof Vents

Seating, Seat Belt IDs, Pedestals & Bases, Power Seating Unit

Seating - Arm Shear Pin Repair Kit

Sofa Motor Parts

Switch, misc. (Electronics) - Mark III and Tiara


Vacuums - 12-Volt

Wood Parts

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Van Exterior Parts

Antennas - Boomerang, Roof Top/Side Mount

Brake Lights

Continental Kits

Ground Effects

Ground Effects for LCM Conversions

High Top Repair Kits


Roof Racks

Running Boards

Running Boards - Edge & Trim Kits

Solar Panel

Stripes - Mark III



Third Brake Lights or Stop Lamps

Tire Carriers

Tire Covers - Vinyl

Trim Pieces

Wheel Center Caps

Pickup Truck Conversion Repair Parts

Truck Ground Effects

Additional Items:

Mark III & Tiara Manuals on CD-ROMS

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Theft Repair Check List

Take the guess work out of van conversion theft recovery. Use the V-Sales check list for a thorough list of parts to replace due to damage or theft. 

V-Sales is a trade-based company selling parts for van conversion repair to body shops across the country. Body shops rely on us as the best single source for van conversion repair parts. For the best service to repair your personal vehicle, print this page and take it AND your vehicle to your local body shop. Ask the body shop manager to call our customer service department toll-free number 1-888-452-7816. Or, the manager can e-mail Customer Service.

Check each part you need to replace or click on the link to see a repair part available. A link to Surplus Online is also available for select items for online purchasing:
Basic Parts Part Description Check if needed Basic Parts Part Description Check if needed
  Seating &
Interior Items
4 pieces Captain's Chairs (Available at Surplus Online.) 4 pieces Cup Holders (Available at Surplus Online.)
1 piece Bifold Sofa Bed (Available at Surplus Online.) 2-8 Door Pulls
(Available at Surplus Online)
4 pairs Slide Tracks      
1 each Driver/Passenger Pedestals      
2 pieces Midship Pedestals 1 each Fabric Covered Sidewalls
5 pieces Lap Seat Belts

Click here to view seat belt identification information.

1 each Fabric Covered Ceiling
2 pieces 3 Point Shoulder
Harness Seat Belts
1 each Fabric Covered Door Panels
  Oak Accessories   1 each Fabric Covered Trim Pieces
1 piece Snack Tray
(sits atop engine box)
(Available at Surplus Online.)
1 piece Carpet Flooring
1 piece Tables
(Available at Surplus Online.)
1 set Carpet Floor Mats
(Available at Surplus Online.)
1 each Window Valance 1 piece Drop-In Cooler
1 each Window Caddies 1 each Drop-In Ashtray
(Available at Surplus Online.)
1 each Dash/Door Trim Kits 1 each Vanity Mirror
2 each Curtain Rods 1 each Table Leg
1 each Clothes Rod 1 each Recessed
or Surface Bases
(Available at Surplus Online.)
1 piece TV/VCP Console
(Available at Surplus Online.)
1 each Drop-In Cupholders
(Available at Surplus Online.)
  12-Volt Accessories     Exterior Accessories  
1-4 Overhead Lights--Singles 1 set Running Boards
1-3 Overhead Lights--Doubles 1 piece Roof Rack
3-4 Indirect Lights
(behind valances)
1 piece Tire Carrier
2 pieces Step Well Lights 1 piece Continental Kit or Vinyl Cover
1-5 Outlets with Plates 1 piece Ladder
1 piece Wall-Mount Radio      
2-4 Speakers with Grills      
1 piece Television
(Available at Surplus Online.)
1 piece Video Cassette Player
(Available at Surplus Online.)
1 piece Switch Panel with
Fuses or Breakers

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Body Shop Owners: 

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